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Welcome to ArgoWiki
Home of ISM 4300 - Systems Planning, Design, and Control,
an MIS class project at the University of West Florida.
176 articles in ArgoWiki

Purpose of ArgoWiki

ArgoWiki is the class wiki site for the fall 2014 section of ISM 4300 at the University of West Florida. Started by the ISM 4300 class during the fall 2007, the ArgoWiki is the student-developed, online "textbook" materials used for ISM 4300. The students in this class research the topics for the course and write their own textbook articles about the management of the information resource in organizations which are then posted here on the ArgoWiki. In case you are wondering where the name ArgoWiki came from, the Argonaut is the mascot of the University of West Florida.

ArgoWiki Software

The ArgoWiki is powered by the MediaWiki software. MediaWiki is an open source application. Anyone wanting to start their own wiki for non-commercial purposes is encouraged to visit the MediaWiki web site, download and install the software, and then you too can benefit from this fantastic application.

Getting started

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